Angel Helpers - Merlin's Magic

Product Code: 079565071121
Brand: Inner Worlds Music
Condition: New
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Angels are our daily companions, giving comfort, strength, courage and inspiration as well as granting insight and protection to those who believe. Each melody is dedicated to specific ethereal entities like ”Michael, The Cosmic Shield” and ”Jophiel, the Creative Power of Heaven;” flute, sitar and strings perfectly accent this uplifting music so that the listener can achieve a deeply intimate relationship with these loving celestial presences.

”Nourishing, vitalizing, blissful instrumental music, consistently lovely from beginning to end, leaving one completely at peace with oneself and the world”—Odyssey
Blissful—an exceptional recording”—Heartsong Review

”Composer Andreas Mock offers an indispensable listening experience—elegant music with stunning circular melodies, Mock’s performance on guitar and keyboards is splendidly supported by a talented ensemble, so glorious that the stress reducing aura pours out of your speakers and into your soul”—
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