Angel Symphony of Love and Light - Merlin's Magic

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Brand: Inner Worlds Music
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The music of this CD invites the angels to come to you. Together with the angel vibration, Angel Symphony of Love and Light can take you to a state in which you also are like an angel and experience fulfillment. You can relax, get in touch with your inner self, remember who you are, and become more radiant. As a result, this angel music will bring you both enjoyment and healing power. It is an invitation to lean back and let yourself be uplifted. It is a golden ray of sunlight that breaks through the clouds and enchants you like the touch of an angel.
Enchanting sounds touch the light within you and invite the angels into your life. This is music for those who feel that life becomes lighter and happier through the love of the angels. The light within you becomes increasingly luminous. Simply open up to the vibrations of the angels, and they will flow through your body, healing and strengthening you.

If you would like to consciously invite the healing power of the angels while listening to this music, here is a suggestion: Sit or lay down comfortably. While listening to the music, invite an angel—your guardian angel or another angel—to come to you. Allow the vibration of the angel to flow through your entire body, healing and strengthening you.

Negative thoughts, feelings, and circumstances can also be resolved and transformed by the power of the angels. And you can also direct a question or request to the angels. Perhaps you will feel how you become lighter, how new courage develops within you, how serenity, clarity, and a joy of living grow, and how your light expands more and more.

"This music is like the golden ray of sunlight that breaks through the clouds and enchants us like the touch of an angel." Petra Schneider, author of Archangels and Earthangels
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