Dancing Through the Chakras - Terry Oldfield, Soraya Saraswati

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Dancing Through the Chakras is specifically composed to work with the energies of the seven chakras and to accompany yoga, meditation, and the healing arts.

Terry Oldfield is a world-renowned artist whose profoundly inspiring music has touched the hearts of many. He is best known for his mastery of the flute and pan pipes. Terry’s unique ability to bring the spirit of nature into his compositions enhances the soulful and meditative journeys his music explores. From the birds of the rainforest to the whales in the ocean, he artfully weaves together nature’s music with his own.

Long known for his prolific work, flavored by different cultures, Terry is a master at composing music for every canvas of life. A two-time Emmy nominee, he has composed music for film and television, as well as music to accompany yoga, meditation and the healing arts. He currently lives in Australia with his wife and partner in music, Soraya Saraswati. Together they travel, perform concerts and facilitate workshops for inner transformation.

Chakras and their functions were first mentioned in the Vedas, ancient Hindu texts of knowledge. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel and it refers to the seven energy centers in our body. These centers regulate the flow of energy through our energy system. Our chakras open and close when we decide what to think and when we feel.

All that spirits desire, spirits attain.” ~Kahlil Gibran

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